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Goshawk (Hawk) Sculpture Figurine

Falcon Sculpture



by Phil Galatas

This Birds of Prey sculpture was reproduced from the original wood carvings.

Handcast and hand-painted in exquisite detail.

Mounted on solid wood base.

6-1/2"W x 10-1/2"H.


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Shipping Weight Approximately 8 pounds


The Goshawk is a medium-large bird of prey in the family Accipitridae, which also includes other diurnal raptors, such as eagles, buzzards and harriers.

It is a widespread species that inhabits the temperate parts of the northern hemisphere. In North America, it is called the Northern Goshawk. It is mainly resident, but birds from colder regions of north Asia and Canada migrate south for the winter. It is a raptor with short broad wings and a long tail, both adaptations to manoeuvring through trees in the forests it lives and nests in. The male is blue-grey above and barred grey below, 49-57 cm (19"-22") long with a 93-105 cm (37"-41") wingspan. The much larger female is 58-64 cm (23"-25") long with a 108-127 cm (42"-50") wingspan, slate grey above grey below. Males of the smaller races can weigh as little as 630 grams (1.4 pounds), whereas females of the larger races can weigh as much as 2 kg (4.4 lbs). The juvenile is brown above and barred brown below. The flight is a characteristic "five slow flaps – straight glide"


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