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Ruddy Duck Decoy

Adult males have a rust-red body, a blue bill and a white face with a black cap. Adult females have a grey-brown body with a greyish face with a darker bill, cap and a cheek stripe. Their breeding habitat is marshy lakes and ponds throughout much of North America. The ruddy ducks are migratory and winter in coastal bays and unfrozen lakes and ponds. These birds dive and swim underwater. They mainly eat seeds and roots of aquatic plants, aquatic insects and crustaceans.

4,500 signed and numbered editions. Certificate of authenticity.

7"L x 5-1/2"H

Ruddy Duck Decoy






About The Artist: Phil Galatas is a world class carver who has spent countless hours observing and studying waterfowl on the bayous of his native Louisiana. World class decoys for the world class collector! From the studios of a champion carver, these handsome birds are handcast, meticulously detailed and hand-painted. Realistic accents include precise feathering.