United States Historical Society

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Fashion Doll Collection

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Elizabeth was a Show Stopper in 1876

Now, Second Smithsonian Fashion Doll

Elizabeth wears her black velvet hat, trimmed with a blue ribbon and a white feather, in a jaunty style over her right eye. In her right hand she carries the program for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. She is the second of the four dolls in the Fashion Doll collection issued by the United States Historical Society with the Smithsonian Institution which recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. She is receiving rave reviews from members of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, doll magazine writers, serious collectors and the official dealers of Museum Masterworks.

Because of the impressive provenance and the exquisite tailoring of the dolls, dealers are reporting that their customers are enthusiastic when they see them. The costume of Elizabeth, as well as that of the three other dolls in the collection, is especially attractive. It is based on a two-piece gown from the Smithsonian's costume collection. The curators say that the original was most likely worn by a guest at the 1876 Centennial Exposition party, celebrating America's 100th birthday, the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Her dress is of blue polysilk and black velveteen, sewn to represent the mid-victorian bustle styles. The dress is trimmed with pleats and ruffles in the style of the period. The bustle pouf in the back ends in a small train. She wears a chemise, pantalets and petticoat of white lace-trimmed batiste. Her boots are black, sculpted in low-heel style.

Elizabeth was a show-stopper in 1876 and now is in 1997. Quantities are extremely limited.

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