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Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt was born in the textile mill town of Kannapolis, N.C., the son of race car driver Ralph Earnhardt. The young Earnhardt sprung on the auto-racing scene, joining the Winston Cup ranks as a rookie in 1979. His hard-driving, rough-around-the-edges approach was predicted to dissuade corporate sponsorship and hamper consistent winning. But Earnhardt's aggressive style soon proved to be an asset rather than a hindrance. U.S. journalists twice honored him as Driver of the Year. Earnhardt is the most successful driver ever at Daytona Speedway, winning 34 races, including the 1998 Daytona 500. Known for his uncompromising competitiveness and paint-scraping brushes with opponents, Dale Earnhardt will always be known as a fearsome challenger both on and off the track. But for the same reasons opponents have feared him fans have loved him. His no-holds-barred, take-it-to-the-edge driving on each and every lap earned him the moniker of "The Intimidator™." Many in the auto racing industry credit Earnhardt with helping to build NASCAR into the multimillion-dollar business and racing empire it has become. Earnhardt has won more races at Daytona than any other driver in history. He has seven NASCAR Winston Cup titles, has won a total of 76 races and earned more than $41 million over his 25-year career in racing. Earnhardt will always be known for his loyalty, not only to NASCAR but also to his family and friends, many of whom were competitors on the track. He has passed along his love for racing to his son, Dale Jr., who has followed in his father's footsteps and races as a member of the Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Dale Earnhardt Biography

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