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Scorpio Kewpie Doll

Scorpio Kewpie is a darling Zodiac themed Kewpie doll from the new 2009 Horoscope collection.

She is an 8" vinyl doll with jointed arms and legs and moveable head.

Scorpio wears a cute white and dark blue dress with blue floral accents, white shoes, white socks and a matching hair ribbon.

The Scorpio sign of the Zodiac is tastefully embroidered on the skirting of her dress.

Great gift for those born as a Scorpio. October 24 - December 21

She comes new in the box complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and an Aries Horoscope hang tag.

This darling Kewpie sculpted by Joseph L. Kallus was produced for the Cameo Doll company with official licensing by Charisma Brands. (Kewpie ® is a registered trademark used under license from Jesco Imports Inc.) 

We are an Authorized Kewpie / Charisma Brands dealer and want you to know that your doll will come new in the box, never removed. We store all our dolls in a clean, non-smoking environment and pay attention to detail when packing.  We want you to have a positive experience and enjoy your new doll for many years to come!



A Little Kewpie History

Kewpie Doll History

Kewpie®, the popular illustrated creation of Rose O'Neill back in 1909, has been in continuous production for over 90 years and is a perennial favorite with a large following of dedicated collectors.  Kewpie® was created as a baby version of the god of love, Cupid.  Kewpie first appeared as magazine illustrations and advertisements. Shortly thereafter, Rose began receiving letters from children asking for a Kewpie they could hold.  After numerous prototypes the Kewpie doll was introduced in 1913 and remains enduringly popular.  Rose O'Neill was a remarkable turn-of-the-century illustrator and artist, as well as a great philanthropist, poet & novelist.

Kewpie® was ranked the number 12 doll of all time in a Doll Reader Poll. Kewpie® dolls currently are made in , 8", 12", 16" and 21" vinyl, porcelain and composition-esque and have been produced and distributed through Charisma Brands (best known for Marie Osmond dolls & other fine doll lines) Authorized Dealers since 2004. With a wide variety of costumes, from traditional romper suits to collectible characters to contemporary designs, there is a Kewpie to suit every age and taste. Kewpie is a registered trademark used under license from Jesco Imports Inc.

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Kewpie For Collectors Book Description Conceived and given life by artist Rose O'Neill, the beguiling Kewpie is one of the most recognized and loved creatures of modern times. In this book, a wealth of Kewpie collectibles come alive as author John Axe guides collectors through the origins of this beloved winged creature and how this translated into dolls, art, figurines and much more! Included in this story, is the warm partnership between Joseph Kallus and Rose O'Neill and the role Kallus played in conveying O'Neill's two-dimensional original artwork of Kewpies into three-dimensional dolls and figurines. This collector's reference details many aspects of the creative process including the numerous forms and materials through photos and never-before-published illustrations. As they celebrate their 90th anniversary, see Kewpies come to life and the magic they have in capturing our hearts! "Kewpie" is a registered trademark, used under license with Jesco Imports Inc.

Kewpie Dolls and Art With Value Guide Since there aren't many available reference books on the subject of Kewpie dolls, you may want to consider adding this volume to your library despite its limitations. The title led me to expect a reference book that would assist me with evaluating Kewpies for the purpose of resale. Unfortunately, a large portion of the book is devoted to the history of the development of the Kewpie and their creator. The content is also very, very limited. It really just includes dolls with a couple of other pieces such as a cup and saucer and a neck kerchief (without prices); there isn't really any "art" to speak of, either listed or valued. It does have an index, however it's primarily organized by the owner of the pieces, not by the actual pieces. Also, the values are not listed with the illustrations. They are located in a chart at the back of the book, which is organized by the item name, size, material, type, year made, manufacturer and current price. Unfortunately, the names don't really correspond with the actual items and it's difficult to determine which items the chart is actually referencing. Again, there aren't many Kewpie reference books available, so this one isn't completely without value, just don't hope for anything comprehensive or easy to use.




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