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Fannie Turgeon

Description: Miss Fannie Turgeons's LTD. Signed: Donna Gilbert. The doll's name is Joanna. Dated: 1993. Tag states: "Miss Fannie Turgeon's LTD. Handmade dress. Designed and handcrafted in Mora, Minnesota. Intended for the adult collector and not recommended for children. She has brown hand painted hair and brown eyes Shoulder and head are bisque along with the lower arms and hands. 20 inches tall.

Antique Doll Reproduction

Brown Handpainted Hair and Eyes

I marked the doll as used but actually we purchased it directly from Fannie Turgeon Doll Company for our store inventory in 1993. It has been in storage since 1999


The doll's name is Joanna. Dated: 1993

20 Inches

Bench Not Included

was $134.95

SALE $75.00

Bench Not Included

Shipping Weight 4 pounds

Doll has a broken left thumb

Fannie Turgeon dolls were made in Mora, Minnesota by Donna Gilbert. They are made of all cloth or composition and cloth. They are dressed in period clothing. The doll molds are antique and some of them are from Germany. These dolls were made for about 16 years. The face has slight crazing to give the doll an antique look and the clothing is tea stained. The name Fannie Turgeon came from the name of the local seamstress in Hinckley, MN at the time of the great Hinckley fire. These dolls are intended for adult collectors and not for toys.

Original Issue Price was $135.00



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