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Military Marines Dolls

Marines Doll

Lovable Baby Dolls With Lil' Chesty Saluting The Marines

Lil' Leatherneck Salute Baby Doll Collection


Sherry Rawn USMC baby doll collection is officially licensed by the USMC and features Lil' Chesty and the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Marines emblem.

Measure approximately 5" H

From The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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Honor, Courage and Commitment are the exemplary values of those who proudly serve our country as United States Marines. Now, award-winning doll artist, Sherry Rawn, has created this USMC baby doll collection to pay tribute to those Always Faithful to God, Country and the Corps. Your collection begins with Issue One, Attitude Is Everything. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Issue Three, The Few The Proud and additional USMC baby dolls, each a separate issue to follow.‡

Exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, each issue in this adorable USMC baby doll collection is fully sculpted in artist's resin then painted by hand with remarkable, lifelike details, from the babies' lovable expressions to their chubby arms, legs and tiny toes. Plus, each baby doll wears an outfit emblazoned with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, the official Marine Corps emblem, and is posed with Lil' Chesty, sporting a bandana emblazoned with "Semper Fi". This USMC baby doll collection is a wonderful way to express your devotion to the Corps and makes the perfect gift for Marines. This is a limited-time offer. So, order now!

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