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Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll  

Ring in the holidays with Barbie! Great for girls and collectors, this exquisite doll adds beauty and glamour to the festive season -- and makes a splendid keepsake! Purchase Today!

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Barbie Collector 2012 Holiday Doll  

Product Features

  • Celebrate the holidays with this glamorous Barbie collector doll
  • 2012 Holiday Barbie doll is radiant in red
  • Her beautiful red gown features glitter details with tulle and brocade decorations
  • Statement necklace and earrings, red nails and red lips complete the festive look
  • A must have favorite Barbie Collector Doll year after year

The Perfect Celebration of Holiday Tradition

Barbie Collector is making 2012 "a holiday you will never forget"! Barbie doll returns to classic holiday colors and totally dazzles in radiant red. Dressed in a fabulous strapless ball gown, she's ready to attend the merriest holiday parties and celebrate the season in gorgeous style. This magnificent doll makes a great gift, and girls of all ages will love finding Holiday Barbie under their tree.

A Spectacular Design for the Season

Designed with a classic silhouette, the stunning gown has a fitted bodice that sweeps into a full floor-length skirt. Rich layers of red tulle add magnificent volume to the uplifted skirt, highlighting the detailed red brocade pattern on the front of the dress. A sash wrapped around the waist produces an exuberant, oversized vertical bow, and its satiny smooth texture offers a lovely contrast to the brocade.

Accessorized With Sparkle and Sophistication

Silvery glitter details with swirls add festive flourishes, while the "silver" statement necklace and earrings lend even more sparkle -- and help celebrate the wonderful holiday tradition. Barbie doll matches her painted nails to her vibrant red lipstick, and then tops off her elegant look with the perfect party hairstyle -- soft blond hair swept to the side and styled with large curls, radiating a joyful glow that showcases Barbie doll's holiday spirit.


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You'll want to celebrate the season in proud glamorous style with a collectible2016 Holiday Barbie doll from Mattel! A member of the annual Holiday Barbie collection, she is simply stunning and dressed to impress for a season of holiday enchantment.

Expertly crafted of vinyl, this collectible Barbie doll is decked out in a green and gold ball gown. Don't miss this fun and festive addition to your Barbie collection. Order now!


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Celebrate the holiday season in style with the Barbie Collector2016 Holiday Doll. Dressed in an opulent emerald gown featuring elegant gold embroidery, Barbie is ready for holiday balls and festivities. Ideal for the adult collector, but suitable for children six and up, this special-occasion Barbie's fabulous dress and accessories will give your collection a festive touch.

Elegant and Contemporary Look for Holiday2016

This glamorous Barbie is ready to attend the winter ball in her floor-length emerald gown with slim golden lame underskirt, intricate gold embroidery, and sparkling jewel accents. The gown features a strapless bodice with a stylish, one-shoulder wrap. Completing the look are gold open-toed heels, glamorous gold chandelier earrings, and sparkly gold eye shadow. Barbie's festive ensemble features dazzling detail--elegantly styled long golden curls, flawless makeup, and an impeccable manicure.

An Ideal Holiday Doll for Barbie Lovers and Collectors

Barbie's packaging makes her an ideal collectable. With the elegant ballroom backdrop and Barbie's photo-worthy pose, the entire package attracts the eye and imagination. The removable cardboard prop beneath her skirt keeps her dress round and voluminous. Our testers noted that this Barbie does not include a display stand, so collectors will want to keep her in the box to preserve her look.

If you are giving this as a present for a younger child to display out of the box, we suggest purchasing a separate Barbie doll-sized stand.

Out of the box, our testers found that this Barbie may be challenging as a toy for young children. The position of her arms, which are not straight as most Barbies' arms, may make her hard to maneuver. In addition, her hair is heavily gelled to keep her curls in place and is not really suitable for brushing or playing with.

What's in the Box

Holiday Barbie with gown, earrings, and shoes.

Product Description

Barbie Collector2016 Holiday DollCelebrate the holidays with this glamorous Barbie Collector2016 Holiday Doll in her emerald green gown featuring elegant golden embroidery. The doll includes magnificent gold chandelier earrings to complete the look. It's a must-have fan favorite Barbie Collector Doll year after year. It's for the Adult Collector, too.Product Dimensions: 11 (L) X 3 (W) X 13 (H)Age: 6 years and up

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