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Capodimonte Flowers

Capodimonte Porcelain Florals - Made in Italy

Napolean Capodimonte Roses and Pansies

Capodimonte Flowers
Pink Coral Double Rose
Capodimonte Flowers
Red Double Rose
Capodimonte Flowers
Pansy on Rock
Capodimonte Flowers
Triple Pink Bud Roses
Napolean Capodimonte Single Rose
Pink White Single Rose
Napolean Capodimonte Double Rose
Pink White Double Rose
Capodimonte Roses
Double Coral Rose
Capodimonte Roses
Double Small Pink Flower

100309 - Double Red Rose done

180231 - Pink & White Double Rose

100353 - Coral Triple Rose

125653 - Double Pink Rose


Authentic Capodimonte Roses are forever




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