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Glassware - Sporting Dogs

by Jim Killen

Dog Sculpture

Prints by Jim Killen

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Glassware - Dogs

Sporting Dogs Glassware

Celebrate the end of a good day with our glassware. Set of four panel-style 16 oz. mixing glasses, 13 oz. double-old-fashion or 13 oz stein with original full-color sporting dog designs by Jim Killen.

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Chocolate Lab DOF $34.95

Chocolate Lab Steins $34.95

Chocolate Lab Mixers $34.95

Brittany DOF $34.95

Brittany Steins $34.95

Brittany Mixers $34.95

Black Lab DOF $34.95

Black Lab Steins $34.95

Black Lab Mixers $34.95

Golden Retriever DOF $34.95

Golden Retriever Steins $34.95

Golden Retriever Mixers $34.95

Yellow Lab DOF $34.95

Yellow Lab Steins $34.95

Yellow Lab Mixers $34.95

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