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Black Duck Decoy

The American Black Duck is a medium-sized dabbling duck. The adult male has a yellow bill, a dark body, lighter head and neck, orange legs and dark eyes. The adult female has a similar appearance. Both sexes have a shiny purple-blue wing patch, which is not bordered with white as with the Mallard. The behaviour and voice are the same as for Mallard. Their breeding habitat is lakes, ponds, rivers, marshes and other aquatic environments in eastern Canada including the Great Lakes, and the Adirondacks in the US. Black ducks interbreed regularly and extensively with Mallard ducks, to which they are closely related.

4,500 signed and numbered editions. Certificate of authenticity.

15"L x 7"H

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Black Duck Decoy



About The Artist: Phil Galatas is a world class carver who has spent countless hours observing and studying waterfowl on the bayous of his native Louisiana. Master Carver, Phil Galatas features preening and action poses. He grew up on the wildlife rich bayous of Louisiana and enjoyed countless hours observing and studying waterfowl on the mashlands. He entered his first carving competition, the Gulf South Championship in 1977 earning a first place blue ribbon on the professional division. Phil received "Best in World" awards at the 1989, 1990, and 2002 Ward World Championships and was invited to the 2002 Sculptor International show in Atlanta. He now serves as a judge at the Ward World Championships. Each of our duck, loon and waterfowl decoys are world class. The traditional poses of the decoys are handcast, handpainted and have realistic accents such as feathering.