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Federal Duck Stamp Program History

Money from the sale of the stamp is used to purchase and protect vital wetlands for waterfowl and numerous other wildlife species.

The Federal Duck Stamp Program is one of the most successful conservation programs ever initiated. Since 1934, millions of Duck Stamp dollars have contributed to preserving about 4 million acres of wetland habitat in the National Wildlife Refuge System.

The price of Duck Stamps has increased over the years with the decreasing availability of wetlands. Waterfowl habitat which once sold for as little as $1 an acre now costs thousands of times that price. A collector who had purchased, at the issue price, each of the 59 stamps by 1992 would have spent a total of $242. This investment would presently be worth over $4000. That percentage increase has turned many stamp purchasers into avid collectors. All stamps not sold are destroyed three years after issue, thus preserving the value of the stamps purchased by collectors.

The purchase of a Federal Duck Stamp provides an opportunity for every citizen to make a small investment in an enormous endeavor---the preservation of our natural heritage. (This article was adapted from "The Duck Stamp Story", a publication of the Federal Duck Stamp Office, U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service.)

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