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Heading Home Walnut Framed Holiday Edition Art Print

Heading Home Framed Print by Terry Redlin

by Terry Redlin

“Whenever I see this image,” the artist comments, “I think of a newly married couple preparing for their first Christmas. At this point the dog is their only ‘kid.’ Notice in the background the wintering geese, the dock and old boat, all patiently waiting for spring.”

Originally released in 1990, Heading Home was selected as the 2006 Holiday Art Print Edition. Limited edition of 2006 numbered art prints to commemorate the year. Image size, 18-1/2" x 32". Features a black and white printed remarque by Terry Redlin. Framed size, 28-1/2" x 42" with 1-3/4" walnut two-tone moulding. Double matting with tan suede outer mat.  $495.00  Print is made to order so there is a little bit of a wait for delivery


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