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Nautical Gifts

Gillnetter Boat

Gillnetter Boat

Item 8381A

9 3/4"L x 7"H Finished Replica


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Gillnetters catch salmon, primarily sockeye, chum, and coho, by setting curtain-like nets perpendicular to the direction in which the fish are traveling as they migrate along the coast to their natal streams. The net has a float line on the top and a weighted lead line on the bottom. Some fishermen attach an orange buoy ball between the net and the boat, making it easier for traveling boats to see the net is out. The end of the lead line is normally attached to a 2 or 3 ft diameter rubber hose ring or engine belt. The ring is generally garden hose and has lead line in it. This prevents the end of the lead line from tangling in the meshes and tearing holes in the net.



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