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Collectible Mr. Christmas Music Boxes

Make every day a celebration! Be amazed at our selection of unusual and animated music boxes, designed to delight the entire family. There are music boxes of every imaginable kind, from magical Amusement Parks music boxes, and classic musical concertinas to fun-loving carousel music boxes and so much more! The fun begins right here with heirloom-quality Mr. Christmas wooden music boxes, jewelry boxes, and clever musical treasures! Shop Now!

The Carousel Music Box
Mr. Christmas

This exquisite holiday "Carousel" animated music box replica has 2 sleighs, 8 decorated horses and riders. They move up and down and around as the music plays 30 songs - a real treasure.

It's just like the one your grandparents might have had. As an heirloom of tomorrow, it makes a great gift for a special person or occasion. And, don't forget to treat yourself to the gift of music. Order today! $110.00

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Carousel Horse Musical

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Mr. Christmas

Many believe that the first music box was designed for the amusement and entertainment of Marie Antoinette. History, on the other hand, reveals the availability of musical clocks constructed in the 16th century for royalty and the wealthy. The musical tones were derived by notching a revolving disc striking a single pin.

The music box proper was introduced by Antoine Favre, a Swiss watchmaker, in 1796, enabling the middle class to dance and enjoy the popular music of the period in the privacy of their homes. The latter half of the 19th century rewarded the world with the enchanting melodies of the disc player, the predecessor of the contemporary phonograph, tapes and discs. These instruments were not only produced in Europe, but had great success by American manufacturers.

Today, Reuge of St. Croix, Switzerland, is the only musical element manufacturer of consequence in Europe. No musical movements are currently developed in the United States.

Prior to World War II, the Japanese, not to be outdone, had developed exquisite clocks enriched with intricate musicals of their own design.

In 1947, Rokuichi Yamada founded Sankyo Manufacturing Company, and imitating the Swiss, became the most prominent supplier of musicals in the east, rivaling the sound and quality of the best in Switzerland.

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