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A Beloved American Classic on a Russian Nesting Doll

Come along on a picnic with one of America's best liked brother-sister teams: RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY! Since their creation decades ago, they have been winning the hearts of one generation after another, all around the world.

Our dolls are the officially licensed RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY nesting dolls. Russian tradition and classic Americana combine to create a delightful toy and precious collectible in one. Have a tea party with RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY and their trusty friends, FIDO & LITTLE BROWN BEAR. Don't forget to pass the lemonade, please!

Hand painted in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Copyright Simon & Schuster, Inc. Licensed by United Media.



Russian Nesting Dolls
 #159054, RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY Picnic Doll 5pc./5"

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