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Keeper of Football 
Keeper of Football

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He picked up his ball and the trophy he'd won

Sat down by his bear and blanket in the sun

He put on his jersey and shoes with the cleats

Grabbed his towels and whistle - WOW! He was beat!

His helmet was scruffy, his duffel was gritty

His plays, though long past, really were witty

Remembering the fun he'd had when he played

This Keeper soon nodded - on his chest his chin laid.

His hair and beard were graying now too

The trophy, a little tarnished, had lost its silver hue

But that smile on his face told the story so true

The dash to the goal line - a touchdown was due.

The crowd cheering was music to his ears

Remembering touchdowns and passes through the years

Yes - these dreams brought memories alive once again

One thing for sure - in his dreams - he would win!

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