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FREE Genuine M.I. Hummel figurine when you join the M.I. Hummel Club!
See Below For New Member & Renewal Figurines


For the low price of $50*, you can become a member of the renowned M.I. Hummel Club! Not only will you receive the irresistible Clear as a Bell figurine FREE for joining (a $100 value!), your membership will bring a host of other wonderful benefits as well including:

  • The quarterly Club magazine INSIGHTS
  • Discounts on valuable products and services
  • Access to The ClubHouse, the members-only section of www.mihummel.com
  • The opportunity, but never the obligation, to acquire exclusive figurines available only to Club members.

$50 M. I Hummel Club Membership

YES! I want to join the M.I. Hummel Club® and enjoy all the benefits you've reserved for me, including Steadfast Soprano, FREE!

If USA customer would like to enroll via mail, please send your name and address, phone number and email along with your $50 to:

Emily's Gifts - Hummel Club
4841 W. Milett Road
Fowlerville, MI 48836

To sign up online USA and Canadian customers:

If renewing, please include member number


For Canadian purchases use U.S. price. Credit Card company will establish and apply the exchange rate. A $6.00 shipping and handling charge will be added to the $50 payment. Shipment within 6-8 weeks. This membership application is only valid to residents of the United States and provinces of Canada. Those outside this area that wish to join the club can send an email to mihummelclub@goebel.de for more info.

Steadfast Soprano / CY29 Kinder Choir Hum 848 Steadfast Soprano is a serious little crooner who will steal your heart. With hands in his pockets he sings a sweet melody just for you!

He’ll be yours FREE as a heartfelt thank you gift as soon as you renew your membership or join the Club.

Remember, you always have the right to purchase any of the Kinder Choir figurines at any time. If you’ve just joined the Club or perhaps missed some figurines or accessories along the way, you can obtain a previous year’s Kinder Choir piece and accompanying accessory.

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The Kinder Choir Series – created exclusively for M. I. Hummel Club members

This is a never before seen program that allows you to build a full 9 figurine choir, complete with FREE display bases and porcelain lantern. Plus, if you purchase all four Club Exclusive Companion figurines and acquire the four Gift figurines through renewal or purchase, you will also receive the FREE Kinder Conductor figurine.

Kinder Choir Grand Finale The Choir Gives its Last Performance in Club Year 30

The baton is lifted, the sheet music is raised, the fiddle is tuned, and the final performance is about to begin. Club Year 30 marks the entertaining finale of Kinder Choir. Six performers have made their way onto the stage and into your home. Three more are waiting in the wings, and two of those treasures can be yours FREE!

Your Club Year 30 gift figurine is Keeping Time. She claps her hands in rhythm as the choir begins its song, and she's your gift as soon as you renew your membership. Her companion is Lamplight Caroler, reading his music and singing out proudly. He's available for purchase right now!

Club Year 2003/2004

Member Figurine:

Too Shy To Sing
Hum 845

4 Inches Tall

Partner Figurine:

First Solo
Hum 2182

3.50 Inches Tall


Club Year 2004/2005

Member Figurine:

Clear As A Bell
Hum 2181

3.75 inches Tall

Partner Figurine:

Hitting The High Note
Hum 846

4 inches Tall


Club Year 2005/2006

Member Figurine:

Steadfast Soprano
Hum 848

4 inches Tall

Partner Figurine:

First Violin
Hum 2184

3.75 inches Tall


Club Year 2006/2007

Member Figurine:

Keeping Time
Hum 2183

3.50 inches Tall

Partner Figurine:

Lamplight Caroler
Hum 847

4.25 inches Tall


In this final Kinder Choir year, a free reward awaits all members whose choir is complete: Melody, our Kinder Choir conductor, will be sent to you, free, as soon as you have all eight Kinder Choir figurines.

If you´ve missed any choir members along the way, we encourage you to uptate your collection so you´ll be able to claim your reward.



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