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2007 Mother's Day Plate by Edna Hibel

"Edna and Ande"

Edna Hibel Collector Plates

Edna Hibel Mother's Day Plate

"Edna and Ande," celebrates Edna Hibel's 90th birthday year. Since Edna began creating porcelain collector plates in 1973 this is the only plate named after her and one of her sons.

This beautiful image is created on a 9 3/4" gold-rimmed porcelain plate, and each is packaged in a presentation box with a numbered certificate of authenticity matching the individually hand numbered back stamp. Limited to an edition of 2500.

Edna Hibel’s Mother’s Day 2007 Collector Plate

In commemoration of the 90th birthday of internationally-decorated and award-winning artist Edna Hibel, Hibel’s Mother’s Day 2007 collection image is named “Edna and Ande”, after Edna Hibel and one of her sons, Andy. "Ande" is Edna in reverse and that name would have been given to her daughter, had she not had Andy instead.

The “Edna and Ande” Mother’s Day 2007 collector plate is particularly special because it is the only one named after the artist and one of her sons since Hibel started creating porcelain collectable plates in 1973. This Hibel 2007 Mother’s Day collectible plate is a truly unique Mother’s Day gift.

In 2001, Hibel became the first American female artist to receive the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts, a prestigious international award granted only once every three years, capping over 70 years of a career as a versatile artist and top fine art colorist.

Particularly renowned for her stone lithography, Edna Hibel’s art work has sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her commissioned fine art includes paintings for the White House, the UN World Food Program and the Foundations of the US National Archives. Many of her spectacular masterpieces have already been sold. Even many of Hibel’s fine art collectibles and unique gifts, such as her collectible plates, are sold out.


Reason We Celebrate Mother's Day: It is a day where we take some time to thank the person that brought us into this world and/or cared for us when we were young (and even when we are grownups).

History of Mother's Day(U.S): Julia Ward Howe is credited with suggesting the holiday (1872) Anna M. Jarvis (1864-1948) played a very significant role in getting the day officially declared as a holiday. She held the first Mother's Day in the U.S. was a church service held on May 10, 1908 at Anna's request to honor her mother.

Mother's Day was officially declared as the second Sunday in May by Congress - May 8, 1914 Almost all countries have some sort of Mother's Day Celebrations. Many countries celebrate on the same day as the United States. Mother's Day can be traced to ancient times. Spring festivals included tributes to Goddesses.


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