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Precious Moments Figurines

The Enesco Precious Moments collection is one of the world's most popular gift and collectible product lines. It all began with 21 teardrop-eyed porcelain bisque figurines bearing inspirational messages--the original Precious Moments collection that Enesco Corporation unveiled in 1979.

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Precious Moments Figurines


Warman's Field Guide to Precious Moments: Values and Identification (Warman's Field Guides) (Paperback)

Precious Moments figurines and items revolutionized modern day collectibles, and in this handy and affordable guide you'll find the details to accurately identify and assess your collection of these endearing teardrop-eye children. Organized by category, this easy-to-carry guide contains more than 2,000 listings, featuring a large number of figurines; plus ornaments, plates, dolls and more Each listing contains a description to aid in identification, and secondary market values for the limited edition collectibles that inspire the world with hope and love.


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Precious Moments

Believe The Impossible Precious Moments Figurine


Believe The Impossible

Boy With Barbells Figurine

Suspended 1991


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Believe The Impossible Precious Moments Figurine
Believe The Impossible Precious Moments Figurine


About the Artist, Sam Butcher

Sam Butcher - Precious Moments Figurines

One of America's most beloved artists, Sam Butcherís career began humbly. Calling himself a "chalk board minister," he used his illustrations to teach young children about God.

Sam's early years were filled with conflict as well as joy. He was not interested in motorcycles and cars like his father and brothers; instead Sam preferred to spend his time drawing and writing stories. He decided at an early age that he wished to be an artist, but his father opposed the decision.

Persevering in his love for art, Sam found support outside of his family. One of the most influential people in his early life was high school teacher Rex Moravec. Samís strong spiritual commitment led him to accept a job as an artist at the International Child Evangelism Fellowship in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was a writer on the popular television program "Tree Top House" for 10 years, where his work was seen by millions of viewers.

In 1974, Sam partnered with a friend to start the Jonathan & David inspirational greeting card business. The illustrations featured the teardrop-eyed children he had been drawing for family and friends. He called them "Precious Moments," because they spread loving, caring, and sharing in everyday situations.

This company was the first step toward the phenomenal success of Sam and his Precious Moments illustrations. In 1979, Enesco Corporation transformed the artwork into porcelain bisque figurines. Sam has received many accolades for his artistic achievements. In 1988, he was presented with a Special Recognition Award from the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED). In 1992 and 1996, Sam was named "Artist of the Year" by NALED.

In 1989, Sam began what he calls his life's work--the Precious Moments Chapel. Located on hundreds of acres of rolling hills and farmland in Carthage, Missouri, The Chapel features a Precious Moments version of Michelangelo's "Creation" plus many other drawings, statues and fountains. Visitors can peruse more than 50 Precious Moments Renaissance-colored murals, 30 stained glass windows, two 9' bronze sculptures, massive hand-carved wooden doors, galleries with personal tributes and a gift shop. There are other attractions as well, and a wedding chapel. The Chapel is visited each year by more than one million visitors.

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