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8 - 9 inches tall

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Effanbee Patsy Dolls

Patsy May Doll

"Patsy May" was a favorite play doll of child actress Shirley Temple. Now she has been re-created from original molds by the Effanbee Doll Company. This 27-inch vinyl doll with open-close eyes, tiny pursed lips, and long locks, has all the charm of the original. She wears a lovely buttoned coat over a lacey dress, a matching beret-style hat, and carries a drawstring bag. An Ashton-Drake exclusive. For more information or to order...

Patsy Ann RoundUp Doll

You'll be all set to ride the range with this little lady, pardner! Based upon the original Patsy Ann doll designed in 1929 by Bernard Lipfert, the EffanbeeŽ Doll Company and designer Robert Tonner have created this charming reproduction, carefully crafted of vinyl and complete with cowgirl outfit, boots, hat, and hobby horse! For more information or to order...

Effanbee Patsy Dolls

Holiday Patsy

Pretty little Patsy would like to wish you Happy Holidays! Based upon the original Patsy doll designed in the 1920s by Bernard Lipfert, the EffanbeeŽ Doll Company has created this charming reproduction doll, crafted of vinyl and dressed warmly in a bright red hat and coat with a holly applique, a plaid dress, and jolly red shoes! For more information or to order...

Effanbee doll books

Effanbee Dolls

by Patricia Smith

This descriptive book does a wonderful job of cataloging the various Effanbee dolls and their history. Numerous pictures (B&W and color) add tremendously to the value of this book for doll collectors interested in identification (price guides are also included for individual dolls).


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