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Animal Theme Dolls

Animal Theme Dolls by Ashton Drake Doll Gallery

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Meet Coco, a baby monkey doll that's so adorable and so lifelike she's bound to be the center of attention wherever she goes. She's the very first So Truly RealŽbaby monkey doll by award-winning doll artist Linda Murray, and she's only available from The Ashton-Drake Galleries.
Little Enu just as sweet as can be, and this Ashton Drake doll wants to come home with you! Now, you can adopt this irresistible baby chimpanzee AND help give back to the wild, because a portion of the proceeds will be donated to preserve animal life and the Earth's resources. A bundle of love wrapped up in fur, the Little Enu Monkey Doll is an Ashton-Drake Galleries exclusive by Master Doll Artist Cindy Sales. She even comes with an Adoption Certificatethat you can fill out yourself!
What could be more adorable than a play day with baby orangutans, chimps and gorillas? Now this irresistible baby ape doll collection by Master Artist Cindy Sales lets you be a part of all the monkeyshines too, beginning with Issue One, Playtime With Charlie. Before long, your collection can continue with Issue Two, Monkeying Around Mabel, followed by Issue Three, Goofin' Off, Issue Four, Play Day With Daisy, and Issue Five, Rollicking Roscoe. Soon, your collection will be completed by Issue Six, Cosmo's Day of Play.
The elusive, mysterious white tiger Ashton Drake Doll  takes on human form in this spectacular 16-inch ball jointed doll. A sleek beauty like no other, this poseable cat woman fantasy doll is an Ashton-Drake exclusive that is certain to turn heads and capture hearts with purr-fect prowess!

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