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With almost 500 full-color photographs, the sixth edition of Doll Values, Antique to Modern will retain its #1 bestselling status. Patsy Moyer, well-known doll collector and certified appraiser, has selected some of her best dolls yet for this exciting new edition. The book is divided into two sections, antique and modern, and many published references have been used for descriptions and marks. Listed alphabetically by manufacturer or type, the dolls histories, marks, descriptions, and values are included. Collectors will love this easy-to-use reference which aids in doll identification by manufacturer, type, and material. Over 6,000 listings and a useful index will benefit collectors and allow for quick reference at doll shows and auctions. Patsy Moyer is a leading authority on doll values; she currently writes articles as the Doll Detective for Contemporary Doll Values, queries for an online publication, I-Dolls, and serves on the board of the Modern Doll Collectors, Inc., a non-profit organization that focuses on modern doll collecting. This latest volume in her wonderful Doll Values series is bound to be a bestseller.
The first, favorite, and most trusted price guide for all types of dolls is more colorful and reader-friendly in its 16th edition. It is organized into an "Antique" section and "Modern" section. The Antique section covers the manufacturers of bisque, china, wax, wood, cloth, and papier-mâché dolls from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The "Modern" section covers the doll artists and makers of composition, hard plastic, vinyl and more. The 16th Blue Book features an easy-to-use index arranged alphabetically by manufacturer and has over 500 photographs - all in color!
Ideal's blockbuster dolls include Shirley Temple, Toni, Betsy Wetsy, Miss Revlon, Patti Playpal, Thumbelina, Tammy, Crissy, and many more. Identify these dolls and ascertain their values in Judith Izen's latest edition of Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls. This third edition will help you distinguish between the more common dolls and those worth thousands of dollars. Hundreds of full-color photos of each doll Ideal produced from 1907 onward and their outfits are included. A fun read, the book is well organized and gives collectors the story behind these wonderful dolls. With the addition of new photos and up-to-date information and values, this book is a highly readable reference guide, providing sweeping coverage of every known doll produced by this amazing company. It is an invaluable addition to the doll collector's library. It is written by a doll historian and toy industry researcher who can be depended upon for her accuracy. Judith Izen is also the author of American Character Dolls and co-author of Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, Second Edition, and her books are cherished by collectors. AUTHORBIO: Judith Izen is the author of two bestselling doll books, Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls, now in its third edition, and American Character Dolls, and is the co-author of the Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, now in its second edition.
The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles is the most accurate and informative book on Shirley Temple memorabilia ever produced. Featuring gorgeous color photographs, detailed descriptions, and current values, the book covers more than 1,000 Shirley Temple items. Separated into easy-to-read sections, this guide has something for every Shirley Temple fan. The composition section identifies every known Ideal Shirley Temple doll outfit made in the 1930s, foreign Shirley Temple dolls, and look-a-likes. A complete listing of dolls and outfits spanning the 1950s through the present can be found in the vinyl and porcelain sections. The chapter on paper products includes paper dolls, books, activity sets, sheet music, movie posters, lobby cards, trading cards, and even cigar bands. The large assortment of childrens dresses, purses, hats, hair bows, and jewelry available throughout the 1930s, 1950s, and 1980s is presented in the clothing and accessories section. Interesting facts about the history behind the dolls and collectibles is also provided, and differences between original and reproduction memorabilia are discussed. Tips are offered for making dolls look their best, and a unique chapter on the importance of Shirley Temple to different generations of fans rounds out the book.
The World of Raggedy Ann Collectibles features the many variety of dolls as well as banks, books, playsets, games, lamps, music facts, sizes, dates, and current values. It shows many hard-to-find items, items still in original packages, and provides accurate information and realistic values. 2000 values. AUTHORBIO: Kim Avery became a collector and lover of Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls on her first birthday in 1968, when she received her first Raggedy Ann doll. It never left her side and went everywhere with her. Her collection is still growing, and she is always looking for those ever-elusive Raggedy dolls and all of their wonderful related items. REVIEW: This book shows some of the many different items that depicted Raggedy Ann and Andy, as well as the various dolls. Included are items that were made to be used and discarded, to items made especially for the collector. Collectors will delight in the variety of items that the author has been collecting over the years. More Info
Sweet Sue, Betsy McCall, Tiny Tears, Little Ricky, Whimsies, Toni, Toodles, and Tressy, American Character's most popular dolls, are known for their high quality construction and beautiful clothing. Over 1,000 full-color photos cover the entire line of over 100 dolls produced, from composition to vinyl. Dolls and their fashions are depicted, with captions listing the year the doll was produced, marks, description, and current collector value. A brief history of the company is included, as well as a helpful index. AUTHORBIO: Judith Izen is the author of two bestselling doll books, Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls, now in its third edition, and American Character Dolls, and is the co-author of the Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, now in its second edition. REVIEW: This book is the first on this subject ever to be published. Author Judith Izen is well known for her knowledge in the doll field, and this book is one of her best yet. A thorough history of the company is included, along with hundreds of color photographs.
This second volume makes American composition dolls more accessible to collectors by presenting hundreds of clear photographs and new research in this field. Marionettes and puppets are new features in this volume. Fifty of those marionettes were sold exclusively by the Madame Alexander Doll Company, and photos of complete sets like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are displayed. Composition doll collecting as it relates to the Internet is also a new section covered in this volume, as well as questions most often asked by collectors. A biography of Harriet Flanders, creator of Little Cherub, is included. 2004 values. REVIEW: This book is a companion to the Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass, 9th Edition, but can also stand alone as a handy reference guide to take along on your glass searches. Thousands of patterns, from Absentee Dragon to Zip Zip, are included, with all available colors and values listed.
This new edition features 200 additional photos, for a total of 1,600 shots, along with updated information and collector values. It is truly the most complete and organized book on Ginny and Vogue dolls on the market. Besides the famous Ginny and her many outfits, there are special sections devoted to Jill, Ginnette, Jan, Jeff, Baby Dear, Brikette, Toodles, Wee Imp, Li'l Imp, and all the other Vogue dolls ever made, along with their outfits and accessories. This fantastic book also covers the design, technologies, materials, and behind-the-scenes stories of Vogue dolls. A chronological list of Vogue dolls and fashion production locations are two helpful features. Illustrations from original catalogs will help collectors identify and price their dolls. 2004 values. AUTHORBIO: Judith Izen is the author of two bestselling doll books, Collector's Guide to Ideal Dolls, now in its third edition, and American Character Dolls, and is the co-author of the Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, now in its second edition. AUTHORBIO: Carol Stover co-authored Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls, in two editions, with Judith Izen. She also authored Small Dolls of the 40s & 50s and updated Doll Values, Antique to Modern, 8th Edition. She lectures on Vogue and other modern dolls, and on the art of collecting and writing about Baby Boom era dolls. She has authored over 60 magazine articles on dolls, toys, and collectibles. REVIEW: This book is presented in a handy format for collectors to log their finds. Presented in a checklist-type format, the book showcases more than 2,300 Precious Moments company figurines, accompanied by descriptions, collector values according to mark/understamp, dates of issue, and item numbers.
This is the first book on the market to tell the Horsman story. Partly historical and partly tale of an ambitious entrepreneur and his son, the book is a story of these American doll manufacturers who created literally millions of well made dolls that generations of youngsters loved and cherished. It is the ultimate reference for Horsman doll collectors, with descriptive listings and over 400 color photos, vintage catalog pages, and advertising pictures of commonly found and remarkably rare dolls.200 pages. AUTHORBIO: Don Jensen is a retired newspaperman with 34 years experience as a daily newspaper writer and editor. A freelance writer as well, he has written for national magazines on various subjects since 1967. He has been a frequent contributor to Doll Reader, Doll News, Contemporary Doll Collector, and other doll magazines. He and his wife Arlene enjoy collecting American-made composition dolls from the first half of the twentieth century, especially Horsman dolls. REVIEW: This is the first doll collector's book to tell the Horsman story. It is part history, an intriguing tale of an ambitious, successful entrepreneur and his initially reluctant, but ultimately enthusiastic and innovative son. More importantly, it is the ultimate reference for collectors of Horsman dolls, with descriptive listings and more than 400 illustrations.


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