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Corgi Figurine

Our Corgi Figurine is a realistic depiction of this small herding dog. The characteristic large erect ears, deep chest, short powerful legs, and Pembroke coloring are rendered in hand painted stone resin. The Welsh Corgi Figurine is a wonderful addition to a collection or could be the first in a new hobby. The 4-5 inch Collectible is a fine gift for any owner or for oneself as a reminder of your companion at home. The strategic placement of our Welsh Corgi Figurines can introduce your pet to people unfamiliar with the breed.

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Welch Corgi Dogs are herding dogs, and perform their duties by nipping at the heels; the dog's low height allows it to avoid being kicked in the process.  As herding dogs, corgis work livestock differently than other breeds. Instead of gathering the cattle the way a collie would, by running around the livestock, corgis drive the herd forward by nipping at their heels and working them from behind in semicircles. Seldom giving ground, if an animal should turn and charge, the corgi will bite its nose, causing it to turn and rejoin the herd.  Although they specialize in herding cattle, corgis are also used to herd sheep and Welsh ponies.

Welsh corgis also guarded children and were pets.