Dear Sculpture

Capodimonte - Made in Italy

Auro Belcari the sculptor has worked for years with Dear, creating objects destined to be valuable with time. He has created his own private studio during this time and from this he has had the ability to express himself by creating pieces of art from simple materials and rendering them truly noble. It is without doubt, that the humility of this great artist manifests through his work, which is valued and appreciated worldwide by most well known collectors.

As a true collector, one must remember that a Capodimonte statuette will always be a safe investment, a prestigious product that will always make a fine showing and an object admired for its history and long tradition.

Girl On Horse



Couple On Swing

Mallard Duck

Girl with Jug


First Communion Girl

Geisha with Flower Vase

#754C - Native American woman on horse 10 inches $239.95

#610C - Asian Woman kneeling by flowers 8 inches $174.95


Mallard $80.00

#730C - Thailand Woman $189.95

#700C - First Communion Girl $99.95

#279C - Pegasus 12 inches

#310A - Couple on Swing 17 inches $495.00

#293 - Unicorn

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