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ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel about a young orphan girl who steals the hearts of a lonely Canadian couple with her spirit and lively imaginationANNE OF GREEN GABLES - THE SEQUEL: This sequel to the original Anne of Green Gables tells the continuing story of Anne Shirley, the beguiling redhead from Prince Edward Island in Canada, as she makes the transition from an angst-ridden youth to a bright, accomplished teacher.ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - THE CONTINUING STORY: Anne's saga comes to a close in this final installment. Anne and her husband Gilbert move to New York so that they can focus on their writing and medical careers, respectively. After a lengthy stay there, they move back to wartime Avonlea, where Gilbert feels compelled to join the military. He does, and is soon missing in action--spurring Anne to travel to the battlefields of Europe in search of him., Pick the trilogy DVD box set of the award-winning classic movie "Anne of Green Gables" and refresh your childhood memories. This award-winning DVD box set consists of three Anne films - "Anne of Green Gables", "Anne of Green Gables": The Sequel, and "Anne of Green Gables": The Continuing Story. In the first part of this drama film, we are introduced to a young orphan girl named Anne Shirley, who impresses a lonely Canadian couple by her intelligence and presence of mind. In the second "Anne of Green Gables" film, we see Anne as an accomplished teacher. However, in the last part of this drama film, Anne settles down in New York along with her husband Gilbert, who wants to join the military. Watch "Anne of Green Gables" to see if Annie lives happily with Gilbert.

Anne of Green Gables DVD







  1. 30801 - The Journey Begins
  2. Out
  3. 30803 - Song of the Night (Old Lady Lloyd)
  4. 30804 - Materializing of Duncan McTavish
  5. 30805 - Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
  6. 30806 - Conversions
  7. 30807 - Aunt Abrigail's Beau
  8. 30808 - Malcolm and the Baby
  9. 30809 - Felicity's Challenge
  10. 30810 - The Hope Chest of Arabella King
  11. 30811 - Nothing Endures But Change
  12. 30812 - Sara's Homecoming
  13. 30813 - Aunt Hetty's Ordeal
  14. 30814 - Of Corsets and Secrets and True Love
  15. 30815 - Old Quarrels, Old Love
  16. 30816 - Family Rivalry
  17. 30817 - May the Best Man Win
  18. 30818 - Dreamer of Dreams
  19. 30819 - It's Just a Stage
  20. 30820 - Misfits & Miracles
  21. 30821 - The Ties That Bind
  22. 30822 - Felix and Blackie
  23. 30823 - But When She Was Bad
  24. 30824 - Double Trouble
  25. 30825 - A Dark and Stormy Night
  26. 30826 - Friends and Relations
  27. 30827 - Vows of Silence



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